Upright Tower 

Upright Tower.gif

If you’ve seen some of my other work, you’ll get the idea that a lot of my designs and models are based either on places I want to go, things I enjoy doing, or dumb jokes I heard in elementary school. But, this one is actually a combination of all of those!

It started off as a continuation of the British phone booth series, (so far a series of one.) Where I would model things from countries or cities I wanted to travel to, but do to mostly financial reasons, I cannot. Now I actually have been to Italy before, but since it was 10+ years ago, I definitely would love to go back, hence, the model!

It’s always fun to do things from real life as they require a bit more effort, people actually will know what the leaning tower looks like and can easily call out big inaccuracies. But I do like a good challenge, so I was up for it, and actually, the modeling side of things was perhaps the easier side of it.

The post production after effects stuff took much longer! Longer than desired, but after taking notes whilst working, I think I could probably redo the project and only make 4 or 5 of the same mistakes. I would call that an improvement. Most of my experience with After effects is generally layering and minor tweaks when assembling renders, however, animating inside of after effects is no easy task. Though, my new years resolution was to try and do new things, and with new software, so hopefully this is the first step of many more After Effects animations!