Firstly, this should go without saying, but I don’t own the rights, or anything to do with the game Tetris, I’m just a fan who wanted to show some love. With that out of the way! On to the fun stuff

Recently a game called ‘Tetris 99’ was released, a new game in the ever growing genre of Battle Royale games, think, hunger games the game. I’m usually not interested in these games, but I do enjoy a game of Tetris, so I figured, what’s the harm. Well, it’s easily become my largest distraction in recent memory with a few hours being lost to it every time I pick it up.

So, when I eventually do manage to pull myself a way from it, it’s never really gone from my brain. So, I wanted to capture that in a model, since I figured just modeling a static Tetris board would be a dull, and not capture the appeal of the game, I wanted to try something else. I do always like when an animation seamlessly loops so I wanted to use that. Then it was a matter of figuring out what I wanted to show. A Tetris board filling up as if someone was completing a level was my first idea. But I couldn’t decide if all the excess UI stuff should be included, the block counters, the hold function, or rotating the pieces properly. It seemed cluttered, and I didn’t just want to have it end on a level complete screen, so I needed something else. So, I went the complete opposite direction.

No rotation, no UI at all, no clear end or beginning just falling blocks stacking in the most oddly appealing way I could manage. I have to say, it’s simplistic in style, and I believe that makes it far more appealing to the viewer!