Snow Globe

Snow Globe.gif

A couple of days early, but since I had to fight to not put up the tree the first of November, I’ll say this is good enough!

It’s time to get into the festive spirit and I’ve always loved snow globes! So, as per with most of the things I make, I wanted to emulate that sort of calm feeling snow globes give me, with everyone else!

Now, for you keen eyed viewers who may have noticed, the tree in this model is actually a new tree model! I know, crazy notion, making new things! But, I felt since this was the only tree, and one of the two main things in the scene, it should perhaps be a little more irregular, and have a unique look to it. Though that didn’t stop me from reusing the cottage for the third time, albeit with some modifications.

So please, check out the model, and watch the endless looping gif. Remember to listen to festive music at the same time to get the full effect!