Secret Passage

Secret Passage.gif

The classic! The secret passage! Ever since I was young I’ve wanted something like this in my house. It’s right up there with those pictures with the fake eye holes that you can look through. Basically I want a Scooby-Doo Villain house.

In making the scene I didn’t want the bookcase to just open randomly, and trying to do the classic pull a book and it’s secretly a lever didn’t read very well. So I went with the next best thing, 66 Batman.

I styled the bust idea, and even how the bookcase moves after the show. It had a cool, sort of quirky style that best fit my own, so it was a perfect match. Just had to added a few of my own tweaks, and a few knick knacky things, and it was perfect!

Marooned (Combined).png

I needed a bust to match the show’s door opening device, and since I had a character model from a previous project I decided to reuse Pete’s Head

Link to Scene

The shelves themselves also hide some goodies, as can be seen below!

A more classically wooden version of the chest I had made previously

Link to Scene

My rubix cube

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And of course, no bookcase is complete without your classic blaster! I mean, come on!

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