Record Player

Record Player Gif.gif

I never realized how important music was to me until I got my drivers licence.

I used to listen to music all the time in my room, but I had to be on alert. Who knows who could just walk in on your lip syncing along to your favorite song, or catch you staring out your bedroom window on a rainy day pretending to be in a music video.

But when I got a car, that was no longer an issue, my music could be played how I wanted it to be, how loud, how many times, and most importantly, no one to critic my ‘less than perfect’ singing voice. It was a new level of freedom!

I’ve also found that my music tastes have evolved, suddenly not all the music on the radio is terrible, now, don’t get me wrong, I still passionately listen to the same playlists I made in junior high, and I’m still always amazed that I somehow remember all the lyrics to songs I haven’t heard in a decade.

But I’m also loving finding new stuff, new bands I’ve never heard of, albums I’ve found recently that are now some of my favorites,. It was during one of these new music sprees I was inspired to make this.

Now, you may be wondering why I went with a record player instead of perhaps something I actually own and have used. Well the answer is simple, I like old technology! I’ve made the retro TV, the arcade cabinet, the nifty ray gun, it’s a theme you really should have seen coming at this point!