Have you ever made a scene by accident? This scene was supposed to play out differently, but through some shear dumb-luck, I managed to get this beauty instead

I should explain, recently I’ve been playing a game, in which you play a sentient hole, who’s job it is to move around and eat as much as possible. It sounds weird on paper, but for some reason, scratches one of those very specific itches. So I set out to make something along those lines, but I wanted it to see more organic than just a hole moving around eating things. So I thought about in what scenarios would a hole eating something be good, and naturally I went to mini-golf.

Next, I created the course, and set up the barriers and even went as far as to simulate the ball. I figured as long as I get it heading towards the flagpole then I could move the hole to eat the ball and snap back to it’s original location, ending the scene. However, as you can see that’s now how it ended up simulating, the ball went in. I thought about maybe moving the hole anyway, and still run with the original idea, but simulating the ball into the hole, by accident no less, was far more satisfying to me.

Plus I get to keep the sentient hole idea for another scene, and I got this awesome simulation practice / mini-golf scene, a real win win!