"Lost in Texlation" - 2014

Put your phone down, you might want to know where you are.

We all know the dangers of texting and driving. But what about texting and… walking in a cave? With shadow undertones and historic landmarks, I wanted to showcase the importance of taking a moment to look around and take in the beauty or in this case… horror, of the world.

Lost in Textlation is incredibly important to me, for it is my first independely-made demo reel and animated short. It was created in 2014 - the end of my Digital Animation program.

Lost in Texlation03.jpg


Lost in Texlation was my first fully independently made short film.

Everything from story boards to final editing to rendering, was all me.

Lost in Texlation04.jpg


Created, produced and finished over a three-month period. Jan 2014 – April 2014.

Using 3D software XSI, and the Adobe Suite.

Lost in Texlation02.jpg


Lost in Texlation has been entered in numerous animated short film competitions both locally, and around the world. 

The film was well received,  though sadly wasn't able to win any competitions