Life Above the Clouds

Life above the Clouds.gif

I would definitely define myself as introverted. I like being along and isolated. I find that reflects in a lot of the work that I do, in that, most of the scenes I make are a single house, usually surrounded by trees on some sort of island. At first I think I told myself I just liked the simplistic style of a single house in a world. But I think it’s more than that. Whenever I make these scene I usually make them based off of a world I could see myself in. Often time it’s in isolation, usually surround by trees and or water, a setting that definitely reflects the one I grew up in. The more of these I make the more I’m seeming to find out about myself.

In this case I wanted something that just expressed relaxation. Obviously it’s another isolated cabin, but the inclusion of the windmill seems to add to the relaxing atmosphere. I’ve always kind of liked windmills. They just do their own thing, seemingly indifferent to the world around them, they aren’t intrusive or destructive, they just quietly working away without a bother for the rest of the world.

It seem that I’m trying to be a lot like a windmill, just on my own path, trying to do my own thing, without being too burdened by the world around me