Late Night Drive 

Late Night Drive Gif.gif

Recently I took a road trip to Montreal, and while I had a great time there, driving there was less than awesome. Firstly, I had to work that day, and didn’t get off till 5. Secondly, we had to drive an hour to my brother’s house and drop off our cat, so that he could look after her. Thirdly, it was October.

Basically it was about 3 and a half hour drive through darkness. It was overcast, so there was no stars, and I had never driven through this section of the country so I wasn’t familiar with any of it. I wasn’t until we got across the border into Quebec did it actually seem like there was signs of life!

Though, driving at night, listening to some classic Daft Punk tunes was kind of nice, it was a good way to mellow out, and strangely, a good source of inspiration!

Thus, we have the following!