Fan to Fan

Fan 2 Fan Gif.gif

I’m not sure if I’ve ever made something based on a joke before, but this one I really like, despite the eye rolls I get from people when I tell them about it. It basically goes that if you get your energy from a wind farm, and then use that energy to power some type of fan, than you’re simply transporting the wind from place to place.

Now, obviously that’s now the case. But I do love stupid little jokes like that, which I guess says more about me, than anything else. But anytime I drive by, or otherwise see one of those wind farms, I can’t help but chuckle to myself about it. So, last night, when I was a little down, and this dumb joke popped back into my head it actually cheer me. I figured then that that was the best place to draw inspiration from, and I started in on creating this scene.

Originally the scene was in full colour, though I found in the editing process that the colour kind of took away from the story a little bit. It was a little unclear as to what was trying to be conveyed. So I went for more of a colour splash effect, and I think that it was definitely the right choice!