CGI Work 

Some examples of the CGI Work I was responsible for while employed at SGSco, the models are theirs, and the products belong to the respective clients. However, they were kind enough to allow me to borrow them for showcase purposes.

All the models were completed using Maya, with a variety of reference sources, primarily 3D scan data, but also traditional photographs, and occasionally with CAD files. The models with caps, are 100% accurate with the reference, having threads on both the bottles and caps, done in a way that the two interlock appropriately. Any boxes shown are also 100% accurate and are folded to match their physical counterpart.

Photos of any specific areas or details can be made available upon request.

Brilhante 500ml Bottle

Checker 1.gif
Grey 1.gif

Coffeemate 946ml Bottle

Checker 2.gif
Grey 2.gif

International Delight 32oz Bottle

InternationalDelight_Bottle_32oz Combined.png
Checker 3.gif
Grey 3.gif

Knorr Caribbean Jerk Sauce Bottle

Checker 4.gif
Grey 4.gif

Sedal 340ml Bottle

Checker 5.gif
Grey 5.gif

Smarties Castle Advent Calendar

Checker 6.gif
Grey 6.gif

Smarties Easter Hen

Checker 7.gif
Grey 7.gif

Stonyfield Snack Pack

Checker 8.gif
Grey 8.gif

Stonyfield 3.5 oz Pouch

Grey 9.gif