"Aukward" - 2013



Each summer the CNA Animation program create a summer animation project on something related to Newfoundland. In collaboration with my classmates, in seven weeks, we created a project called Aukward. The now extinct species, were known for sitting on rocks and preying for fish. Our animated short tells a funny story of how one Auk learns that sharing – is caring… or in this case, sharing, can help you fly.



Using XSI, and Adobe Suite, this production was one of the fastest turn-around short animations our college has ever seen.



This short was shown at the Nickel Film Festival and received an overwhelming positive feedback.

Also, this short has been used as promotional material for CNA, going as far as to be shown in the pre-shows at some movies in the St. John’s movie theatre.


Prouction Roles

  • Animation
  • Set Design
  • Character Modeling 
  • Rigging / Weighting of Characters
  • Technical Director
  • Data Management
  • Rendering