Alphabet GIF.gif

Originally, this was going to a project of counting numbers from 0 - 9, but it my process of researching for some references, I found a gif that was literally exactly that. So, naturally, I went and did something harder, and it only caused me to complete restart twice, so, not too bad!

Making the letters was relatively painless, but in my first attempt I was under the impression that the letters had to fit perfectly together, so basically every letter needed a complete row or column from which the next letter could appear, that was going surprisingly well until I got to V, which was where I realized it wasn’t going to work. Which, of course is the best place to run into a snag, 5 letters from the end. Now, I could have fixed it, and changed the way I was doing the transitions, but up to that point, I had a certain look going, changing it then would have caused a large noticeable issue. So, I had to do the only logical thing. Start over

The second time was a lot easier, I figured since V was going to cause issues I should start there, then emulate that transition through everything else. Then something odd happened. Despite the new way being a lot more complicated in it’s look than the first, it strangely took significantly less time to do. I managed to get through all the letters in a little under an hour, whereas the last run up to V took almost double that. I just account that towards self-improvement